Several activities including trips and outings are organised throughout the year. They include trips to the theatre, Santa’s grotto, farms, local parks etc.

Parents, family and friends are welcome on the majority of the trips organised but if you are unable to attend your child still has the opportunity to attend with a member of staff.

We do like all our children to take part in nursery outings where possible and we endeavour to ensure we have a 1:2 ratio wherever possible.

Throughout the year we are always trying to raise funds to purchase new equipment. We are always grateful for donations of toys, clothes and equipment.

At the nursery we have a professional photographer who visits the nursery every six months, this is a free sitting and is held during nursery hours with no obligation to buy.

Keep your eyes peeled when coming through to the office, we very often have local companies dropping off a selection of very competitively priced books and gift ideas for parents and staff to purchase.

Party Time

When it is your childs birthday you are most welcome to bring in a cake, we hold a party for each child on their birthday and they will recieve a gift and card from all of their friends in nursery. If you also want to put on an extra something yourself so as not to have to go to the expense of another party outside of nursery hours we are always willing to accomadate. Some parents in the past have organised puppet theatres or clowns.