Baby Room

Baby Room. (0-2 years)

Daily activities incorporate all areas of learning and are changed frequently to accommodate each childs individual needs. These will include messy play, such as painting and play dough, imaginative play such as dressing up and home corner and physical activities bikes, tunnels and tents. We have a special section of the room dedicated to our younger babies. This has many sensory toys, a mirror and plenty of opportunity for physical development. Babies have their own soft cushioned outdoor play area and this is accessible both morning and afternoon.

Facilities are provided for children to rest and sleep at any time during the day in the shape of travel cots and sleep mats.

We provide a home from home atmosphere giving lots of love, cuddles and reassurance. Every baby has their own key worker assigned to them  when they start nursery, who is responsible for carrying out regular development checks and sharing this information with parents. Each child has their own learning journey, which contains ongoing observations and reviews. These are available to parents at all times.

In Baby room the following items must

be provided:

Nappies, wet wipes, cream, formula milk , drink cup, change of clothes, sun cream & sun hat (summer), hat, scarf & gloves, waterproof clothing, and wellies for wet weather (winter).