All children now, under government legislation, are required to be observed and assessed under the new EYFS.

Each child has a learning journey which is shared by the child, their key worker and their parents/family.

The key worker will do regular observations on the child and record them in the learning journey. This helps staff to assess at what stage of development your child is at and how we can then progress the learning further. From time to time you will be asked to participate in the learning journey, for instance, if you go on holiday you will be given a holiday form where you can comment on what your child did where they went and provide a photograph of them whilst  on holiday.

We provide forms for lots of things that you can take part in i.e special occasions, mile stones, new baby, the list is endless.

The EYFS covers all areas of learning and has been put in place to ensure that the needs of all children are met. It is also a good tool for identifying any problems a child may be experiencing at an early stage so that an appropriate plan of action can be put in place to help the child. If a key worker detects any problems with a childs development they will always discuss those concerns with parents.